workshops and equipment

parasolka space
Third floor
The event platform
Makerspace area with
equipment for processing
and manufacturing new
products from plastic waste
Processing clay, working
with glazes and enamels,
baking finished products
Makerpace area for
working with robotics
and electric controllers
Makerspace area for working
on a 3D printer: manufacturing
parts, prototypes of various
sizes and shapes
The workshop is equipped
with sewing and embroidery
machines for cutting,
sewing and processing
fabric or other soft materials
Makerspace area for
lectures, workshops, and
various events. More details
in the "Rent" section
First floor
The area for painting products
is comfortable for working with
parts up to 4-6 square meters.
We have organized a work table
and a rack for painting and provided
comfortable lighting.
The Makerspace area for working
with metal. The metalworking
space is divided into zones for
welding, forging, a station with hand
tools and a large area for assembling
finished products.
The makerspace area, where
a wide variety of sheet materials
can be processed using laser and
milling cutting: wood, plastic,
soft metals, paper, etc.
A make-space area
for working with wood.
The workshop space is
equipped for processing both
large and small materials.
People and projects