Робочі дні:
з 10:00 до 21:00
Choose a current subscription and become part of an open workshop and creative environment of makers, creators and innovators
Create your own project and bring it to life
2500 uah/month
Turn an idea into a project or finished product in one day
400 uah/day
Make the right part in a short time
100 uah/h
(up to 4 hours. More than 4 hours - a day pass)
Wait for updated information on season tickets
you will receive with each subscription:
equipment and workshops
- access to equipment and workshops on business days from 10:00 to 21:00;
- access to 20 pieces of equipment and 6 workshops*;

- included in the subscription:
router 3 h/day
laser up to 2 hours/day
ceramics 1 firing per day
3D printer 3 hours/day

booking of a router, laser and ceramic furnace is possible by phone
+380 68 596 5976

access to basic consumables and materials and to the materials database
*Access to the equipment is granted subject to instruction on its use or upon availability of documents confirming the ability to use it
personal space
- a locker for storing personal belongings;
- a personal workbench for working in the workshop.
common space
- kitchen area with basic kitchen utensils, tools and equipment;
- coworking space for working at computers (residents can prepare their projects, drawings, etc. here);
- space for relaxation;
- equipped bathrooms with shower and changing room;
- kitchen area with basic kitchen utensils, tools and equipment.