1905: Enterprise "Kray"
The oldest predecessor of Promprylad. Founded by Józef Lorenz.

The company produces street lights, mill drives, foundry products for sewers, railways, kitchens, stoves, etc.
1914: Vaclav Mayor's factory
A technology company that manufactures and repairs mechanical scales: wagon scales, automobile scales, and pharmacy scales.
1920: Fama factory
The full name is "F. Vesely Machine and Valve Factory. Foundry of iron, phosphorous bronze and metal".

The company specializes in fittings of various kinds, casting of iron and metals, repair of machines and motors.
1956: Stanislavsky Machine-Building Plant
Workshops and shops are being modernized and re-equipped for instrumentation.

The plant produces gas meters, cash registers, electronic computers, umbrellas, shopping bags, and car grilles.
2017: Renovation of Promprylad
Start of the plant's revitalization into the innovation center Promprylad. Renovation" innovation center.  

A community of makers is formed, who set up their workshops in the former umbrella shop.

The urban laboratory Metalab starts working, which studies the plant's technology and its community and initiates the creation of a makerspace.
2021: Parasolka workshop opened
The open workshop opens its doors to everyone and starts working in the format of a production coworking space.

open workshop «Parasolka»

A collaborative workspace for tinkering, prototyping, learning, and research. A creative environment for makers, entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators at the revitalized Promprylad plant.

It is an open workshop where everyone has the opportunity to test and implement the most daring ideas in the field of innovation.

We provide access to a wide range of digital equipment and equipment for working with wood, metal, textiles and recycled materials.

We already have sewing, wood and metal workshops; we have equipment for digital production (CNC router, laser and 3D printer), a kiln, tools for working with ceramics and a plastic recycling station.
We focus on different audiences
From craftsmen who just love to work with their hands to industrial designers, constructors, scientists, and engineers. "Parasolka is a maker's platform where everyone can:
Rent a workplace in the space for different periods
Develop your own projects and realize the most daring ideas
Use your own equipment and workshop tools
Join our open tinkering, design and prototyping events
Communicate, collaborate and share experiences with other residents and participants of the space

our mission

To develop a CULTURE OF MAKING in Ivano-Frankivsk and the region.

CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for development, experimentation, and exchange of experience between makers, creators, architects, and craftsmen.

PROVIDE ACCESS to expensive equipment, tools, and various types of production processes that are often inaccessible to craftsmen or designers.

POPULARIZE digital production, the ideas of circular economy and conscious consumption.

HOLD OPEN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS, thematic workshops, presentations of equipment and materials for anyone interested in tinkering, design, and prototyping.

Our story

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Natalia Rzhym
Community manager of the Parasolka
Anna Pashinska
Co-founder and curator of the city laboratory Metalab
Anna Dobrova
Curator of the city laboratory Metalab
Ksenia Semenova
Operations Manager at Metalab
Mariana Baran
Project manager / product designer
Yulia Rusilo
Graphic/product designer
Marta Buriak
Project Manager / Subject Designer
Lubomyr Gural