Reinventing learning after 45: a carpentry workshop. Building a dome

The project Nanovo: Learning after 45 is an attempt to find specific model solutions to this challenge in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kalush.
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Akademika Sakharova 23, Ivano-Frankivsk
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Masters and everyone, everyone, everyone

There is a cult of youth in our society. Most representatives of large and medium-sized businesses rely on young people, older people speak to us less and less on stage and on screen, and the lack of prestige of the natural aging process dictates that physical signs of age be hidden in any way possible. This leads to the (self-)isolation of a large group of people and to even greater losses for the whole society, which loses valuable experience, knowledge and memory.‍

The project Nanovo: Learning after 45 is an attempt to find some model solutions to this challenge in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kalush. A part of the project is a carpentry workshop, the program of which consists of a series of workshops where participants will learn how to build (and construct) domes (dome houses).‍

Working with your hands develops creativity. And if you take a creative design of a dome house and bring it to life with your own hands, the effect will be many times stronger. At a series of workshops, participants will use a special calculator program ( http://acidome.ru/lab/calc) that automatically calculates all the necessary parts for the construction of the dome frame. Taking into account the design and architectural solutions, we will try to assemble all the parts into a single structure. This is learning by doing, combining computer programs with traditional carpentry. Thus, the participants of the workshop series will learn/improve basic carpentry skills, gain a basic understanding of design and engineering, and create something new with their own hands.‍

The project "From scratch: Learning after 45" is developed and implemented by the NGO "Insha Osvita" with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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450 м2 відкритого адаптивного простору, 8 просторів майстерень, підготовка до заходу та технічна підтримка для комфортної реалізації будь-яких ваших ідей
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